FLOCERT is dedicated to strengthening the development of fair international trade. We were founded in 2003 to independently certify Fairtrade products – for more than a decade we’ve supported the phenomenal growth of Fairtrade, a movement that’s had a positive impact on millions of people across the world.

While Fairtrade certification is still one of our key roles, we also use our expertise and experience at FLOCERT to develop new and innovative ways to promote fairer trade. We’ve recently introduced more verification services beyond the Fairtrade standards to help traders assess practices across their supply chains.

From assuring fair working conditions and certifying sustainable agriculture, to assessing the impact of company practices – FLOCERT helps businesses take the steps they need to be part of a fair future.

Our accreditation as a Social Enterprise demonstrates our commitment to social business values.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is fair global trade everyone can believe in.

We will be the most respected provider of certification and verification services for global supply chains, to create a world in which all producers can enjoy secure, sustainable livelihoods, fulfill their potential, and decide on their future.

Our mission is to:

  • deliver best-in-class certification, verification and related services
  • provide confidence within global supply chains that the relevant social, economic and environmental standards are met
  • offer all our services with credibility, reliability, integrity and efficiency
  • drive the Fairtrade mission to connect disadvantaged producers with consumers in order to combat poverty.

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