Compliance criteria

In order to check if your product or organization is ready for Fairtrade certification, we’ve translated the Fairtrade Standards into sets of measurable ‘compliance criteria’.

We classify the few most important criteria as ‘major’. Failure to meet these major criteria can stop you from becoming Fairtrade certified in the first place, or, if you are already certified, lead to a suspension and, if not corrected, to decertification.

Instead of a plain yes/no-approach there are 5 levels of compliance, called ranks. Rank 1 and 2 indicate non-compliance whereas ranks 3 to 5 indicate compliance with the related Fairtrade Standard requirement.

Our certified customers can find their individual checklist with all criteria relevant for their audit in the Ecert portal under “My Data – My Checklist”.

You can find more details, updates and explanations of our compliance criteria below.