Certification fees

In alignment with the Fairtrade mission, our certification fees are structured to enable participation and empowerment for all trading partners. As a social business, FLOCERT is not profit driven, but aims at covering our costs to provide the tools and processes necessary for a robust certification system.  Our certification fee lists can be found below.

Fairtrade Certification Fee Calculator

Please note: This calculator provides an estimated cost of certification fees. Actual certification fees may vary.

For more information please contact the applications  team relevant to your region:

Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand: asia@flocert.net
South, Central America and Caribbean:                 la@flocert.net
Africa and Middle East:                                              africa@flocert.net
Europe and North America:                                      europe@flocert.net

Detailed Fee Documents


Hired labour fees

Contract production fees

Trader fees

Artisanal and small scale mining organizations fees

Small licensee fees