Gap analysis

Before applying for Fairtrade certification, or before an upcoming Fairtrade audit, a lot of businesses want to check if they are complying with all the Fairtrade requirements - or if there are gaps they need to fix.

FLOCERT’s gap analysis service helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization (or your supply chain), and shows you exactly how ready it is for Fairtrade certification.

If you are a trader and would like your existing suppliers to become Fairtrade certified, you can also use our gap analysis services to assess how close those companies are to complying with the respective Fairtrade requirements.

How our gap analysis service works - four easy steps

  1. First we’ll ask you for some basic information about your organization, such as legal registration and number of members and/or workers. We’ll use this to send you a quote for conducting the gap analysis.
  2. The gap analysis will be carried out by a fully trained and registered Fairtrade auditor, who will visit your organization in person.
  3.  You can select the areas you want to focus on in the gap analysis. For example, we can focus only on major compliance criteria, which minimizes your risk of not receiving ‘permission to trade’ after the initial audit.
  4. Afterwards we’ll send you a checklist, depending on your specific needs. This will include a detailed report of the analysis, and list the areas where there are potential non-conformities.