Code of conduct verification

Whether or not we’ve developed your private ‘code of conduct’, we can analyze and externally verify your company’s sustainability standards. This is a great way for you to build credibility throughout your supply chain, and demonstrate your sustainable values to your suppliers, buyers and the public.

How our verification process works

After analyzing your private code of conduct we create a set of compliance criteria against which you can measure your company and processes.

We can then carry out external audits of your organization so that you can be sure you’re meeting all the standards you set for yourself. If you comply with all the criteria, we will verify your compliance against your code of conduct and produce a final verification report.

If you’d like, we can also recommend ways to make your business more sustainable, or help strengthen or re-engineer your code of conduct

Benefits of FLOCERT’s code of conduct verification

  • With FLOCERT’s qualified and trained staff, and our expertise in verifying Fairtrade Standards, you can be assured that we deliver high-quality services.
  • Being verified by a globally renowned third party increases your credibility with your suppliers, buyers and customers – and shows how serious you are about sustainable business practices.
  • Our global presence and experience in most developing countries means we can efficiently collect credible data on your processes, all the way to farm-level.
  • It shows consumers and the public that you are being transparent in your operations – and it makes your future operations more secure.
  • It helps distinguish your company from others – it’s a strong selling point.
  • Because it’s measurable, it’s a good foundation for future impact assessment.

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