Code of conduct development

If your company wants to develop its sustainability credentials, FLOCERT can help you create a tailor-made private ‘code of conduct’ - your own set of private standards and best practice - whatever type of organization you are.

You’ll not only gain from our experience and expertise in the areas of social, economical and environmental standards, but our international status and credibility as a leading certification body will also send a strong message to the market about your company’s values.

How our code of conduct development works

To develop a new code of conduct, we analyze your company’s data and identify your needs. Our presence in most developing countries means we can collect credible data on all processes, right back to farm-level. After a period of research and analysis, we’ll advise your organization on the most appropriate private code of conduct. We then develop custom-made standards for you, and translate them into compliance criteria so that the code can be verified and/or analyzed afterwards, and the impact assessed in the future.

Please watch this video showcasing our work for bioRe: creating a new private code in sustainable cotton

If you have an already-developed code/standard and would like to review or strengthen it, FLOCERT can provide re-engineering services to rebuild your code/standard to meet the current Corporate Social Responsibility standards and the international norms.

We also provide training for your company to help you check your own sustainability processes and make sure you’re complying with your code of conduct, showing your staff how to perform an Internal Sustainability Verification check.

How you benefit

  • A code of conduct developed by FLOCERT is a powerful addition to your sustainability credentials.
  • It proves to your suppliers, buyers and customers how serious you are about sustainable business practices.
  • It shows consumers and the public that you are being transparent in your operations.
  • It helps distinguish your company/brand from others – it’s a unique selling point (USP). Because it’s measurable, it’s a good basis for future impact assessment.
  • It’ll be your code – you can make changes in the future based on changing needs and demands of the market – you own it yourself.

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