Voluntary Standard Verification

FLOCERT can verify that your company is complying with the standards of certain other third-party organizations.

Through our services and partnerships we can assess and verify your company’s activities against the following voluntary standards:

4C Verification

Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE)

Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) / Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex/SMETA)



How voluntary standard verification works

FLOCERT will do a scope assessment to check that the certification requirements of your chosen voluntary standard are applicable to your organization. We then do an onsite audit of your organization, to check whether you comply with the voluntary standards of the selected partner.

On completion of the audit we provide you with an audit report and closing meeting report, detailing the identified non-conformities, improvement potentials, corrective measures suggested/proposed, responsibility and deadline to comply etc, based on various partners’ requirements and practices.

FLOCERT or our partner will provide you with a certificate of compliance against the audited voluntary standard.

Benefits of voluntary standard verification

  • Being verified by a globally renowned third party increases your credibility with your suppliers, buyers and customers – and shows how serious you are about sustainable business practices.
  • With FLOCERT’s qualified and trained staff, and our wide experience of auditing and verification, and in co-operation with our various partners, we have great expertise in delivering credible, high-quality services.
  • Having our own global network of auditors, good direct connections with farmers, and a central management system for our data, means we always have quicker, easier access to information than other certifiers/verifiers.
  • Verification shows consumers and the public that you are being transparent in your operations – and it makes your future operations more secure.
  • It helps distinguish your company from others – it’s a strong selling point.
  • Because it’s measurable, it’s a good foundation for future impact assessment.

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