4C Verification: Sustainable Coffee

You want to be attested, that your coffee isn't only Fairtrade, but also sustainable? FLOCERT is an approved 4C Verifier for the Coffee Assurance Services' (CAS). We offer standalone 4C Verifications, as well as combined Fairtrade-4C audits for our Fairtrade-certified customers.

CAS is a global provider of high quality, independent, innovative and credible assurance services in the coffee sector, including verification of the 4C Code of Conduct as well as assurance, integrity and progress measurement in fairtrade coffee.

The 4C Code of Conduct serves as a reference code for baseline sustainability practices in the coffee sector – which means for sustainable coffee. 4C stands for “Common Code for the Coffee Community” and was was created through a participatory, extensive, transparent and balanced consultation with coffee stakeholders worldwide.

The entry-level approach of the 4C Code of Conduct enables coffee producers around the globe to embark on their sustainability journey. The inclusive nature of the 4C Code of Conduct aims to reach out to producers who are currently not participating in the market for sustainable coffee and bring them into compliance with a basic level of sustainability. The intention is to gradually raise the social, economic and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing worldwide.

In order to achieve this, the 4C Code of Conduct comprises:

  • 27 principles across economic, social, and environmental dimensions. These principles are based on good agricultural and management practices as well as international conventions and recognized guidelines accepted in the coffee sector and;
  • 10 Unacceptable Practices which have to be excluded before applying for 4C Verification.

Benefits of FLOCERT’s 4C Verification

  • FLOCERT’s standing and expertise as the global certifier for Fairtrade, the most trusted label in the fair trade world, is your guarantee that we’ll deliver credible, high-quality services.
  • Our partnership gives you and your business the best of our combined services and expertise, making the certification process simpler, faster and more efficient.
  • Our experienced auditors are familiar with local conditions and languages and have close connections with farmers.
  • Our flexibility, being able to verify both 4C and Fairtrade, means reassurance for customers and brands.

If you want to know more about the 4C Verification and the combined Fairtrade-4C audits, please contact us at business@flocert.net


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