Gender Equality with EDGE Certification

EDGE - Economic Dividends For Gender Equality - is the leading global assessment and certification standard for gender equality at work. It’s been designed to operate across different industries and countries to help create fair and mutually beneficial workplaces for women and men.

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Benefits of EDGE certification

  • An EDGE certificate is a global branding tool, making your organization’s commitment to workplace gender equality more visible and credible.
  • It distinguishes you as a gender-enlightened organization offering equal opportunities at work – which can help attract and motivate the best female and male talents. EDGE Certification has been designed to help companies create an optimal workplace for women and men.
  • EDGE Certification verifies your corporate social responsibility and makes your company attractive.

Why working with FLOCERT?

  • FLOCERT has proven certification experience, vast global reach and dedication to fair and sustainable working practices. Our services are acknowledged as expert and reliable. We are the only ethical certification body with an ISO accreditation, meaning our business processes are proven to be reliable and independent.
  • As the certifier for Fairtrade, we have over 12 years of proven experience delivering unparalleled global certification and verification services.
  • As a social business we are motivated by sustainability, equality and helping organizations to demonstrate their impact.

How EDGE certification works

If your company commisiones an EDGE certification at FLOCERT, we analyze the gender ratios, pay scales and workplace experiences within your organization, and look for underlying explanations. EDGE is a robust workforce analytics approach to inform company’s gender diversity strategy and priorities. It uses a business methodology rather than a theoretical one, incorporating benchmarking, metrics and accountability.

For more information on our process, please view our EDGE product sheet.

Our customer portfolio includes:

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