FLOCERT interview in African Fine Coffees Review Magazine


The October-December 2016 issue of the African Fine Coffees Review Magazine features an interesting interview with Ose Nielsen, Global Head of Product Development, on FLOCERT’s services for Private Codes and Programs.


FLOCERT Interview Private Codes and Programs
Coffee audit in Costa Rica

Over the last years we have expended our service offering certification and verification for other standards (e.g. UTZ, 4C, EDGE, SMETA/ETI). Based on this experience we also help brands, retailers and organizations to convert their own sustainability programs into a verifiable private code and accompany it with regular assurance services.

These Private Codes or Programs can be based on the organization’s own values and objectives, and can even be used in addition to their Fairtrade certification.

To find out more on this topic please check out the full interview with Ose here.

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