FLOCERT is carbon neutral


The positive news has just been officially verified by TÜV Nord: FLOCERT is a carbon neutral company, according to the company’s carbon footprint as well as corresponding compensation of calculated emissions for the year 2016. FLOCERT has been reducing, calculating and offsetting its carbon emissions since 2013.


"Working closely with producer organizations, who are often the first and the worst affected by climate change, we are highly aware of the problem of carbon emissions. Thus the goal to be a carbon neutral social business is natural for us," explains FLOCERT's CEO Rüdiger Meyer the ongoing efforts of the company.

Last year's calculations for the carbon footprint took into account the FLOCERT head office in Bonn, as well as the Regional Offices in Bangalore (India), Cape Town (South Africa) and San José (Costa Rica) and included all emissions that the company and its employees caused in order for FLOCERT to operate. This means: travelling for audits and other business trips, electricity and heating consumption as well as staff commuting. Most of the emissions were related to audit-related travels, while emissions due to commuting and energy use had gone down significantly.

The footprint calculation showed that FLOCERT had overall caused 818 tCO2eq (tonnes of carbon dioxide) in 2016. To put this sum into perspective, this equals the distance of 2,993,066 km driven by an average passenger car.

To compensate for the emissions and become carbon neutral, FLOCERT bought carbon credits generated by the reforestation and agroforestry project "Alto Huayabamba". This project is implemented at the Fairtrade and Organic cocoa cooperative ACOPAGRO in Peru. Started in 2008, the agricultural project involves more than 2,000  farmers who have  planted more than 2 million trees in an area of over 1,200 hectares up until today The project  aims at developing a best-in-class agroforestry system for cocoa with high yields, preserve the resources in a biodiversity hot-spot and empower the community following the switch from coca to cocoa.



FLOCERT is a leading global certification body, providing sole certification to Fairtrade and offering verification services for social, trade and environmental standards as well as private codes of conduct.

Founded in 2003, FLOCERT remains mission-driven and dedicated to working with all types of organizations, from small producers to internationally recognized brands, in order to promote fairness in global trade. Our accreditation as a "Social Enterprise" demonstrates our commitment to social business values.

With five international offices conducting business in over 120 countries, FLOCERT specializes in offering global reach with local expertise. For more information, visit us at www.flocert.net


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