FLOCERT donates €500,000 to Fairtrade’s Producer Networks


To honour Fairtrade farmers and workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis, FLOCERT's Supervisory Board has decided to make an exceptional EUR 500,000 donation to Fairtrade's three Producer Networks. The CLAC representing Latin America and the Caribbean producers, Fairtrade Africa representing farmers in Africa and the Middle East and the Fairtrade Network of Asia & Pacific Producers (NAPP) will use the donation to support producers in their respective regions.

"COVID-19 is a real test for global solidarity. But support and solidarity is an integral principle of our Fairtrade system," comments Tom Vaughan, Chairman of FLOCERT's Supervisory Board. "We recognise that those farmers and workers in the front line of the agricultural sector have been worst-hit by the pandemic. We want to support Fairtrade farmers and workers in this unprecedented crisis with this donation," Vaughan continued. "And who would be in a better position than our Producer Networks to identify beneficiaries, to define objective eligibility conditions and the best selection criteria."

The three Producer Networks will decide where their donation shares do the most good and are most needed. On the one hand, funds can be used for immediate COVID-19 remediation, like purchasing urgently needed basic protective and medical equipment or paying temporary wages for suspended workers. Funds can also be used to set-up programmes that support farmers and workers deal with COVID-19's long term impact such as business restoration programmes and capacity building and trainings.

"The support of different partners such as FLOCERT contributes to the creation of the Economic Recovery Fund in CLAC. This fund will contribute to the implementation of income and productive diversification initiatives for the Fairtrade organisations that have been affected by the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic", said Xiomara J. Paredes, CLAC CEO.


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