Podcast with Andreas Jiménez


In mid-March, Andreas Jiménez was appointed  Interim CEO of FLOCERT.  In our latest interview, Andreas talks about the opportunities and challenges of his new position, his objectives for FLOCERT and what experiences have shaped him. Listen in!

A  business economist with a vast experience in the agricultural and food sectors, Andreas has always supported organisations with a social and environmental added value.

Our company-wide goals this year.

The 55-year old native German formerly worked as Managing Director for Lekkerland AG and Bio Partner Switzerland AG. In 2017, Andreas Jiménez was appointed the CEO of Max Havelaar Switzerland, a position he held until 2019. He is currently Chairman of the Board for GVZ-Rossat AG, a leading wholesale and service company for the agricultural sector, and for gebana AG, an alternative direct sales-, wholesale- and manufacturing company with value chains from family farmers to customers.

In one of his answers, Andreas talks about FLOCERT’s company-wide goals for 2020. If you want to learn more about our strategic direction this year, check out this One-Pager on our 2020 Objectives.




Andreas Jiménez, FLOCERT's CEO, has been working on the board of a spirits producer for many years. Since then he has been a passionate collector (and enthusiast) of single malt whisky.