Premium – Covid-19


Dear Customer,

Due to the Corona Pandemic you want to make use of the exceptional Premium rules as per interpretation note in the Fairtrade Standard for Hired Labour (

The worker-run Fairtrade Premium Committees of certified plantations may, in agreement with the company, distribute up to 100 percent of their Fairtrade Premium funds as direct cash distributions to workers. (The normal guideline is 20 percent, or 50 percent in certain circumstances.)

In addition, the committees do not need to make a formal request to but only inform the certification body to do so. In-kind disbursements of consumable goods are also possible. The Fairtrade Premium may also be used to minimize the spread of disease, e.g. to purchase and distribute face masks or implement hygiene campaigns.

Please download and fill in the form below and hand it in to your certification analyst BEFORE you start with the distribution of the Premium.


Download Covid-19 Exceptional Use of Premium Form


Thank you very much and stay healthy!