Customised Assurance

Over the past two decades standardised certification programs like Fairtrade have established global awareness, recognition and harmonised implementation of sustainability compliance. They have managed to educate players in trade as well as consumers about sustainability topics and created a considerable level of trust.
Now, more and more companies that have put strong efforts into certified ethical sourcing wish to engage pro-actively and translate their own farming and trading experience into action.
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FLOCERT Customised Assurance
Whether program or code development, the design of your verification framework or ongoing assurance services: your Customised Assurance solution will precisely meet your business needs.

These companies initiate private sustainability programs which often include sourcing volumes from standards like Fairtrade. These programs are flexible, can be adapted quickly to changing realities and allow brands, traders and retailers to show the real DNA of their sustainability.

Your unique assurance solution

If you've decided to have your own program or private code of conduct, our expertise in social, economical and environmental standards and our international status as a leading certification body means we're ideally placed to help you set up, analyse and verify a set of criteria that are just right for your business. If you already have your own code or program in place we can help you evaluate and advance it.

There are many ways a private program or code of conduct will be valuable to your business. As well as shaping and measuring your sustainability efforts in line with your own organisational values, aims and actions, it will demonstrate the real impact you're making in the world.

Whether you're at the very beginning of developing your private code or you already have one in place, we want to hear from you. We can work with you to tailor-make a set of standards and best practices, or help you evaluate and evolve your existing program.

Your Customised Assurance solution to establish credibility

Once we've worked together to develop your code, our experts will translate it into a set of measurable compliance criteria. Then we'll design a verification framework to make sure your solution is built to last.  Our approach to Customised Assurance is highly flexible, growing and adapting with the needs of your business. You can be sure we'll be here to support you throughout the lifetime of your initiative.


We offer a range of verification solutions for Customised Assurance programs:
  • Self-assessment (1st party verification) – this entry-level solution is cost effective to implement. It's a good first step in an assurance process, raising awareness amongst key stakeholders and preparing the ground for compliance. At this level we'll help you develop questionnaires, run training sessions to bring your suppliers on board, and simplify your compliance data into easy-to-read reports.
  • Virtual Verification (2nd party verification) – Our best-in-class technology, used for activities like supply chain mapping and traceability, gives you up-to-date information on your supply chain whenever you need it. We'll collect data via mobile devices, implement clever ‘traffic-light' systems with real-time notifications, and enable ‘virtual handshakes' between partners.
  • Physical Verification (3rd party verification) – If you're looking for a really robust, credible verification solution, Physical Verification is for you. We have over 100 highly trained auditors who spend time collecting information on site so that we can deliver you a thorough, transparent report on your program.

Assuring your traded volumes and financial transactions

Our state-of-the-art assurance technology offers a mechanism for virtual collaboration and 2nd part verification using virtual handshakes along a supply chain. This allows us to virtually verify volumes, financial transactions and custom data between actors in a supply chain, and use this information to both assure your business requirements and generate related reports around the complete supply chain.

We can further enhance the data captured with additional references and sources, and put the information into context to create relevant reports, visualisations and analytical dashboards to fit your business needs.


Why choose Customised Assurance with FLOCERT?
  • Creating a private code of conduct shows your unwavering commitment to sustainable, transparent business practices.
  • Being flexible as well as customised, your private code can grow and change with your organisation.
  • Your stakeholders and code users can help to define and implement your organisational standards, giving them a shared sense of ownership.
  • We can do on the ground field visits to implement and assure your program. In case you source Fairtrade volumes and in addition want to collect data on your own program, we can check how we can combine this in the interest of saving time and money.
  • We can provide virtual verification services and combine them with selected on the ground visits, depending on your program's objectives.

If you have any questions regarding a customised assurance solution for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are interested in the service and already have a contact partner in your National Fairtrade Organization please get in touch with this contact.