Fairtrade Certification

Fairtrade is a household name – and rightly so – it’s a highly successful, world-renowned standard that has been improving ethical practices right across supply chains for decades. FLOCERT was born to certify Fairtrade, and although we now offer additional assurance solutions, Fairtrade always remains at the heart of our organisation.
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Fairtrade coffee farmers
Of the 1.6 million farmers and workers involved in Fairtrade around the world, about half are small-scale coffee farmers. Currently, FLOCERT audits Fairtrade coffee farmers in 30 countries.

The impact of Fairtrade on your business and our world

Fairtrade offers a better deal for producers and workers, and a way for consumers to directly participate in reducing poverty around the world.  If you want to find out more, visit www.fairtrade.net to find out how Fairtrade has changed the world.

Fairtrade Standards aren't just about ensuring healthy business practices – they cover terms of trade, too. The Fairtrade Minimum Price safeguards producers from volatile world markets by setting a minimum price that must be paid for their products. And the Fairtrade Premium, which farmers receive for all their products sold on Fairtrade terms, is invested directly into areas the producers consider important: local infrastructure, healthcare, social projects to make their communities more sustainable, or improving their business.

So, Fairtrade is having a positive impact on communities right around the world. But, apart from making you part of the prestigious Fairtrade movement, what impact will being Fairtrade certified by FLOCERT have on your business?

  • FLOCERT verifies that your every day practices are fair, protecting your integrity and bolstering your brand reputation.
  • You'll make lasting connections within your supply chain, ensuring you always have a reliable network of supply chain partners.
  • You'll gain a loyal base of customers who believe in the way you do business.
  • You'll demonstrate to the world that social, economic and environmental development for the farmers and workers in your supply chain matters to you.
  • You'll have access to Fairtrace, the brand new platform that is connecting organizations, assuring fairness and establishing transparency and trust within Fairtrade supply chains.
  • If you're a producer, the Minimum Price guarantee will protect you against price volatility in today's unpredictable market

If you have any questions regarding Fairtrade certification for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


More Standard Assurance

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