4C Verification for Sustainable Coffee

How sustainable is your coffee? The huge demand for coffee is reflected in the number of coffee products on the market today. With such a range on the shelves, and many certified Fairtrade, consumers are starting to look for additional ways to make an impact through their choices.
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The effects of modern coffee production on the environment are well known, so producers that are considerate to the earth in their practices are highly esteemed. If you're one of them, your business is sure to benefit from 4C Verification. FLOCERT is an approved 4C Verifier for the Coffee Assurance Services’ (CAS) 4C Code of Conduct.

We can carry out your 4C Verification, and if your company is also Fairtrade certified we can combine Fairtrade and 4C audits – a double boost for your business with minimal disruption to your team.

How 4C works

When we carry out your 4C Verification, we're acting on behalf of Coffee Assurance Services, CAS.  CAS is a global provider of high quality, independent assurance services in the coffee sector. As well as verification of the 4C Code of Conduct, CAS provides assurance, integrity and progress measurement in Fair Trade coffee.

A participatory, extensive, transparent and balanced consultation was carried out with coffee stakeholders worldwide to create the "Common Code for the Coffee Community", or 4C. The 4C Code of Conduct serves as a reference for baseline sustainability practices in the coffee sector – and the 4C mark tells your end consumer that they're drinking sustainable coffee.

The 4C Code of Conduct is inclusive to all producers. CAS reaches out to producers who aren't currently part of the sustainable coffee market, and FLOCERT enables them to set off on their sustainability journey by bringing them into compliance with a basic level of sustainability.

Being the owner of the 4C Code, CAS consults on and determines the content of the code and the way in which accredited certification bodies like FLOCERT audit against it. CAS also markets the 4C brand.

Besides offering stand-alone 4C audits, we can combine 4C and Fairtrade audits. What makes this offer unique is that both schemes benchmarked their codes against the Fairtrade Producer Standards. Therefore our auditor only has to cover a few additional questions to meet the requirements of a 4C audit when the Fairtrade audit is done. This allows for savings in terms of time and money and less disruption within your company.

In doing this, CAS and FLOCERT are gradually raising the social, economic and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing worldwide.

The 4C Code of Conduct is made up of:

  • 10 "Unacceptable Practices" which need to be ruled out before applying for 4C Verification
  • 27 economic, social, and environmental principles based on good agricultural and management practices, international conventions and recognized guidelines in the coffee sector.


  • We're the global certifier for Fairtrade, the most trusted label in the fair trade world. You can be sure that we'll deliver credible services of the highest quality.
  • We have expert auditors located all over the world who are familiar with local conditions and languages, and have close connections with farmers.
  • We're able to verify several global standards including 4C and Fairtrade. Our experience and flexibility is reassuring to customers and brands.
  • We've combined the best of our services and expertise with those of CAS, so that together we can offer you a simpler, faster and more efficient certification process.

Want to find out more about our 4C Verification and combined Fairtrade-4C audits? Take a look at our 4C product sheet or contact us at: business@flocert.net.