UTZ Certification

UTZCertified is a well recognized sustainability scheme with two sets of standards: Chain of Custody and Code of Conduct, focusing on good agricultural practice and farm management in coffee, cocoa, tea (including herbal teas) and hazelnuts.
UTZ certification sets the standards and provides support to producers with other partners. Recently, UTZ announced its merger with the Rainforest Alliance Certification and the creation of new standards from the current Sustainable Agricultural Network standards used by Rainforest Alliance and the UTZ Codes.
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Whether coffee in Central America, black tea in Africa or rooibos in South Africa, we offer UTZ or combined UTZ / Fairtrade audits.

FLOCERT is one of the approved certification bodies for UTZ for some of these products in certain geographical locations. Whether you produce coffee in Central America, black tea in Africa or rooibos tea in South Africa, we can audit and certify your organisation against the applicable UTZ Chain of Custody or Code of Conduct if you are Fairtrade certified. We can combine your Fairtrade and UTZ audits into one visit, keeping things simple for you and your team but still providing you with two separate reports and certifications to maximise your market reach.

Using FLOCERT as sole certification body for Fairtrade and UTZ means you get the best of both worlds, save time and costs and have a thorough overview of all aspects of your production and supply chain:

  • One audit
  • One auditor and therefore no contradicting interpretations of standards
  • One process of submitting evidence of compliance post audit
  • One contact point for both certification and auditing issues


  • As Fairtrade International's global certifier since 2003, our expertise in verifying against Fairtrade and other standards is unrivalled. We take great pride in the credibility, independence and quality of our services.
  • We have a global network of carefully selected, highly skilled auditors, who are familiar with local conditions and languages.
  • By combining your Fairtrade and UTZ audits, we can save you time and money. Our auditors only need to check a few UTZ criteria on top of your Fairtrade audit, so they'll need to spend just a little more time on site.

Want to know more about UTZ certification? Please get in touch: business@flocert.net