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10 important Fairtrade application facts:
  1. Please check if we offer Fairtrade certification for the product you would like to certify: Fairtrade product list.
  2. Once you have applied, you will receive an application ID. Please use it for all communications and payment identification.
  3. The application process takes an average of 2 weeks, and is only completed, once you have submitted all required documents and we have received your application fee payment. If you need an invoice for the application fee, please let us know.
  4. Find out what Fairtrade certification costs for your organization with our Cost Calculator.
  5. Upon successful completion of your application process, we schedule an initial audit or grant a temporary "Permission to Trade" if you are a trader.
  6. Refer to our Compliance Criteria page to find out what will be checked during an audit. In addition to the generic Fairtrade Standards, specific additional standards by product might apply.
  7. After receiving the initial audit the certification process timelines are explained in the Certification SOP you find below.
  8. You can only trade your product as "Fairtrade" if you have a valid "Permission to Trade" or hold a valid "Fairtrade Certificate". However, you can sell products as Fairtrade, if they are still in your ownership, harvested 12 months prior receiving a valid "Permission to Trade" or "Fairtrade Certificate".
  9. If you would like to use the Fairtrade Mark on your product, please contact the Fairtrade National Organization active in your country or Fairtrade International at
  10. In Fairtrade, the entire trade chain (producers, importers, exporters and brand owners) must be Fairtrade certified. Individual producers are not eligible for Fairtrade certification; they must be members of a Small Producer Organization (SPO). As a certified SPO, you are allowed to export your production directly to an importer, but if an SPO wants to export for other certified organizations, 15% of the total invoice will be included in the Certification Fee.



Find out more

If you’d like to learn more about how the certification process works, please check our "Fairtrade Assurance Scheme – Rules and Guidelines" manual.

Check here if you´d like to learn more about our remote audits: Remote Audit – Standard Operating Procedure