Podcast with Ana Maria Rubiano Prieto on one year of remote audits


One year of remote audits

Last year, in March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FLOCERT replaced its physical audits with remote audits. In our latest podcast episode, Ana Maria Rubiano Prieto, FLOCERT’s inhouse auditor and certification analyst, shares her experiences with remote audits during this year.

Un auditor es una persona cualificada para realizar auditorías en nombre de un organismo de certificación.

Podcast with Ana Maria Rubiano Prieto

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Originally from Colombia, Ana Maria Rubiano Prieto joined FLOCERT in 2018 as a certification analyst, inhouse auditor and auditor trainer in the Europe and North America team, working from FLOCERT’s office in London, United Kingdom.

Ana Maria has a background in economics and holds two master’s degrees in Latin American Studies and Decentralisation and Development.