Social Audits (em inglês)

If you’re looking for an effective way to manage risk in your supply chains, you’re in the right place. We can help you balance corporate social responsibility with business performance. Our social auditing services help to reduce risk to your business, protect your company reputation and improve ethical and responsible business practices. In order to verify social compliance of your company or your subcontractors, FLOCERT offers high-quality Social Audits.

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Why not combine your social audit with your Fairtrade audit?

Social Audits

As global experts for ethical certification, we can offer different audit types for all brands, retailers, companies and manufacturers who want to play an active part in improving the working conditions of the people who produce the goods they sell.

  • ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative)

Our audits against the ETI Base Code are based on nine core principles, such as collective bargaining, safe working conditions and living wages. Together, these principles reflect the global understanding of fair and good working conditions as set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

  • Combined Audit

Having and Initial or Renewal Fairtrade Audit? Why not combine it with a Social Audit to make your audit management easier. After the audit you’ll receive separate reports for your Fairtrade Audit and Social Audit.



We're the global certifier for Fairtrade, the world-leading ethical standard. Our expertise is built on a long history in credible, premium quality certification services.

  • Our experienced auditors, located all over the world, are familiar with local working conditions and languages and maintain close connections with farmers
  • We can carry out your Social Audit and regular Fairtrade audit in one trip, saving you time, money and paperwork


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