If you feel that the world of Fair Trade has its very own language – don’t fret! We’ll keep you in the know!

With this glossary we’ll guide you through the common technical terms used by FLOCERT, Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Learn about the wor(l)ds of Fair Trade below!

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TCC Master Operator
In the context of Trader Corporate Certification (TCC), the term Master Operator is used to designate the certificate-holder under whose certificate …
Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference are created and sent by the Certification Analyst to the Auditor and define the Auditor’s mandate for the upcoming audit.
Third-party audit
A third-party audit is an external audit performed by independent external organisations, such as the external audit performed by an accreditation …
The ability to identify and trace the history, location, use and processing of products and materials.
Trademark Use Guidelines
The Trademark Use Guidelines provide detailed information on the appropriate use of trademarks owned by Fairtrade International, including the …
An organisation with Trader Certification. It may have either a seller or buyer role in transactions depending on its business relationship with the …
Trader Certification (TC)
The Fairtrade certification of traders against the relevant Fairtrade Trader Standards:
Trader Corporate Certification
As opposed to traditional Fairtrade Trader Certification where every legal entity buying and selling Fairtrade products holds 1 individual …
Trader Induction
An e-learning training that all new Traders that enter the system have to take, to ensure that they enter with a minimum level of knowledge on …
Trader Production Audit
All certified Trader customers may receive a Trader Production Audit. These audits have the objective to follow up on indications of violations of …