Podcast with Sonia Cordera on living wage


Building tangible solutions towards living wage

A “living wage” covers the basic needs of workers and their families. IDH is working to secure living wages and has developed a Salary Matrix* tool for implementing them.

In our latest podcast, Sonia Cordera, Director of Sector Initiatives at IDH, discusses the work IDH is doing to secure living wages, its partnership with FLOCERT, and future developments in this area. Listen in!

*The Salary Matrix is freely available on the IDH website for any user who wants to make a living wage assessment. IDH is fully transparent about the calculations used by the Matrix.

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About the author
FLOCERT Podcast interviewer Andreea Corendea
Andreea Corendea is the hostess of the FLOCERT podcast and our Sr. Marketing & Communications Officer.

Find out more about this episode's guest!

Sonia Cordera is Director Sector Initiatives at IDH, where she is responsible for the Sector Initiatives program of the Agri-Commodities business unit. Her role includes the coordination of a team of professionals responsible for the aquaculture, flowers and plants, fruit and vegetables, juice, nuts, spices programs and for the IDH living wage approach. She represents IDH in most of the Boards of these Initiatives with the aim of steering the industry towards the uptake of sustainable social and environmental practices.

Prior to joining IDH, Sonia worked at SIM Supply Chain as data analyst, and contributed to the revision of the Ahold Delhaize list of accepted social standards in 2014. Deeply interested in international politics and economics, Sonia holds a PhD in History of International Relations from Florence University and a Master of Science in International Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University.

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