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Our new Fairtrade Premium Investment Statement helps coffee and banana customers showcase their impact!

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Fairtrade Premium
An extra sum of money, paid on top of the selling price, that farmers or workers invest in projects of their choice. They decide together how to …
Any effects arising from an intervention or action. This includes immediate short-term outcomes as well as broader and longer-term effects and …

Highlight your business' impact

FLOCERT will leverage its database to generate a personalised Premium Investment Statement that shares with you the following information:

Your benefits

This statement is a testament to your business’ dedication to positive change. You can incorporate it into your marketing materials, sustainability reports, or newsletters, spotlighting your business’s impact and commitment to ethical practices. Here are some examples of what you can create with this statement below.

In ecology, sustainability means that a biological system is able to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Sustainability can also be defined …
The independent Fairtrade Certification body, offering Fairtrade Certification services to customers in more than 120 countries. FLOCERT GmbH, a …

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