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Your company or organisation has spent a lot of time and effort setting up your ethical sustainability programme or social initiative – now you need to guarantee credibility and value by building an assurance framework around it!

FLOCERT offers flexible, customised assurance models and approaches based on your objectives.

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Ensuring a consistent, systematic approach




After reviewing your social sustainability programme, we provide assurance options to meet your business needs and goals. We carefully study different assurance approaches and methods, to build your customised framework that presents the best-fit assurance model for your programme.

Your framework may offer simple, clean, and scalable methodology to verify your programme and may be used as a manual.

Collaborative Growth and Transparency

FLOCERT has been a key partner to the Cocoa Life program for more than 7 years. Their collaborative approach empowered us to continuously grow our supply chain coverage and support more farming families. FLOCERT successfully adapts to new contexts and evolving needs while never compromising on transparency.

Cedric van Cutsem, Senior Director Cocoa Life, Mondelēz International

Your benefits:

  • Build another layer of credibility and accountability for your programme.
  • Increase the credibility of your programme and its assurance by partnering with a globally-renowned assurance company.
  • Strengthen your future operations by demonstrating your transparency to consumers and the public.
  • Stand out from the competition with your assurance framework as a strong selling point.
  • Ensure a consistent, systematic approach to assessing and verifying your programme’s application.
  • Benefit from professionalising all your programme’s activities – measurable, comparable, fact-based – providing a good foundation for future impact assessments.
  • High-quality services ensured thanks to FLOCERT’s expertise in designing assurance frameworks for private initiatives.
  • Our global presence and direct experience in most producing countries mean we are sensitive to the complexities at both ends of the supply chain.

How we engage with you:

Case study: A unique verification framework

Our customer had developed a unique programme to support farmers in their cocoa supply chain, with a focus on sustainable cocoa production and creating a positive impact on communities. Since 2015, FLOCERT has partnered with the company, providing a verification framework and services to measure the impact of the programme. We designed a customised reporting system to verify the amount of sustainably grown and traded cocoa and to confirm premium payments made to farmer organisations.

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