Your Sustainability Programme

Every company is unique, and we can help you establish a credible programme that adds value to your business.

Organisations and businesses increasingly need specific solutions to meet their social sustainability goals. Ready to move from compliance to impact, they would like more collaboration and transparency between the actors within their supply chain.

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In ecology, sustainability means that a biological system is able to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Sustainability can also be defined …
Supply chain
Business entities involved in the supply and purchase of materials, goods or services from raw materials to the final product. In contrast to a chain …
Any effects arising from an intervention or action. This includes immediate short-term outcomes as well as broader and longer-term effects and …
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Building your company programme




FLOCERT helps you create a unique programme, supports you in finding your individual approach. Our global expertise in the areas of agriculture, food, and textiles, coupled with our Fairtrade network of partners and on-the-ground experts, ensures we deliver comprehensive consultation based on your company’s social sustainability objectives.

For existing programmes or codes, we also provide evaluation and re-engineering services – helping you strengthen the overall scope, or adjust specific criteria to meet current corporate social responsibility standards.

Fairtrade refers to all or any part of the activities of Fairtrade International eV, FLOCERT, Fairtrade Producer Networks, National Fairtrade …
The independent Fairtrade Certification body, offering Fairtrade Certification services to customers in more than 120 countries. FLOCERT GmbH, a …
Collaborative Growth and Transparency

FLOCERT has been a key partner to the Cocoa Life program for more than 7 years. Their collaborative approach empowered us to continuously grow our supply chain coverage and support more farming families. FLOCERT successfully adapts to new contexts and evolving needs while never compromising on transparency.

Cedric van Cutsem, Senior Director Cocoa Life, Mondelēz International

Your benefits:

Designing your ethical sustainability programme together with FLOCERT:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainable business practices to your suppliers, buyers and customers.
  • Distinguishes your company/brand from competitors – it’s a unique selling proposition.
  • Shows you are transparent in your operations.
  • Gives you access to a network of experts from diverse markets (consumers and producers).
  • … And it is owned by you and fully customised – allowing you to make future changes and additions based on your evolving needs and demands.
The term Producer refers to any type of producer set-up as found in the Fairtrade Standards: Hired Labour, Small-Scale Producer Organisations, …

How we engage with you:

Case study: Creating a unique programme for sustainable cotton

Our customer provides sustainable and fairly grown organic cotton textiles from India and Tanzania. We collaborated with them to create a unique social and environmental programme for their smallholder cotton farmers. It includes a comprehensive set of standards for agricultural best practices, market price payments, premium calculation, purchasing guarantees, and benefits for farmers. Today, this programme has become essential to demonstrate our client’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility in the cotton industry and safeguard individual farmers. We continue to work with this customer to promote innovation throughout the value chain and advocate for a cotton trade that enhances the lives of everyone involved.

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