End of the Fairtrade pilot for certification in conflict-affected regions


Fairtrade International has decided to end the pilot for certification for conflict-affected regions, specific to the Democratic Republic of Congo (you can check the announcement here).

Going forward, FLOCERT, as Fairtrade‘s certification body, will therefore apply the regular Fairtrade certification process for producer organisations and traders from the Democratic Republic of Congo who want to take part in Fairtrade.

The customers who were certified under the pilot will be transitioned accordingly. This means that they will be asked to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the full Fairtrade Standards for producer organisations or traders from their next Fairtrade audit onwards. Affected customers have been informed and can see the checklist with all criteria relevant for their next audit in the Ecert certification portal.


Click below for the PDF versions of this announcement in English and French:

PDF Version English   PDF Version French


If you have any questions please contact us at comms@flocert.net.


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