If you feel that the world of Fair Trade has its very own language – don’t fret! We’ll keep you in the know!

With this glossary we’ll guide you through the common technical terms used by FLOCERT, Fairtrade International and the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

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Mass Balance

The Fairtrade practice which requires certified customers to ensure that the output amount sold as Fairtrade must be equivalent to the input amount sourced as Fairtrade, taking into account production yields and losses. The quantity of products or ingredients sold must not exceed the quantity purchased, thereby ensuring that the “balance” is positive. Mass Balance is only applicable to a few Fairtrade products: cocoa, cane sugar, juice and tea, as well as the Fairtrade Sourced Ingredients Cotton and Gold Sourcing Programs.

See also glossary terms: Group Mass Balance (GMB) and Single Site Mass Balance (SSMB).