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So, your sustainability code is developed, and you’ve also decided on a verification system that guarantees revolving and measurable assurance.

Now it’s time to decide which tools you will implement to monitor progress towards your social sustainability goals.

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In ecology, sustainability means that a biological system is able to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Sustainability can also be defined …
FLOCERT provides independent and impartial assurance services. This requires the following five components:

A three-party relationship – the …


Monitoring progress




We understand that any audit process requires preparation and takes time. The result however provides your company with an invaluable internal “snapshot” view of what is happening within your organisation or supply chain.

Potential risks as well as opportunities can be identified by carrying out checks: audits and assessments during different stages in your company’s life cycle.


Supply chain
Business entities involved in the supply and purchase of materials, goods or services from raw materials to the final product. In contrast to a chain …
An evidence-gathering process that aims to assess the compliance of an organisation and/or a product with certain standards. There are three types of …

Assurance methods we may use:


Self-assessment is an entry-level and low-cost solution for internal code implementation. It is a solid first step in an assurance process to raise awareness and prepare the ground for compliance.
Develop questionnaires, onboard your suppliers via training, and condense data into easy-to-read reports.

Virtual verification

For topics such as supply chain mapping and traceability, technical tools are the best approach.
Our proprietary platforms can be implemented as standalone measures or combined with on-site verification.
Best-in-class technology provides relevant information on your supply chain whenever you need it.
Collect data via mobile devices, implement traffic-light systems with real-time notifications, and facilitate virtual “handshakes” between partners (second-party verification).

Physical visits

Professional on-site visits (third-party verification) provide independent results and are the most credible verification solution.
Via our global network of over 100 highly trained auditors, on-site information is collected and a transparent report delivered on your programme criteria.

The ability to identify and trace the history, location, use and processing of products and materials.
A person qualified to carry out audits on behalf of a certification body. Learn more about the audits carried out by FLOCERT auditors.
Collaborative Growth and Transparency

FLOCERT has been a key partner to the Cocoa Life program for more than 7 years. Their collaborative approach empowered us to continuously grow our supply chain coverage and support more farming families. FLOCERT successfully adapts to new contexts and evolving needs while never compromising on transparency.

Cedric van Cutsem, Senior Director Cocoa Life, Mondelēz International

Your benefits:

  • With our diverse expertise and industry partnerships, we specialise in providing one-stop-shop solutions.
  • We effectively manage different needs within one visit, driving efficiency and convenience.
  • Combine the verification of your programme or initiative with a Fairtrade Audit – or any other service in our portfolio.
  • We support you in developing a customised mix of recommended assurance mechanisms to drive your company’s sustainable development goals.
Fairtrade refers to all or any part of the activities of Fairtrade International eV, FLOCERT, Fairtrade Producer Networks, National Fairtrade …

Case study: A tailored audit checklist

A sweets producer who sourced raw materials from different parts of the world and sold finished products globally faced a crisis when a media documentary was aired highlighting poor working conditions in the production of one of its major products. The company approached FLOCERT, seeking assistance in understanding the working conditions in its product’s supply chain. FLOCERT created a tailored audit checklist based on the specific industry and conducted social audits throughout the entire supply chain, from individual farms to selling ingredients to customers. The results of these audits were documented in reports. Based on FLOCERT’s reports, the customer could evaluate the social conditions within its supply chain and address the issues raised in the documentary.

Finished Product
A Finished Product is a consumer-ready product, which is Fairtrade labeled and in its final packaging (not further repacked/transformed).
Social Audit
An audit of a company’s performance and impact across a range of Social Indicators, including industrial relations, community impact, social …
Any substance, including a food additive, used in the manufacture or preparation of food and present in the final product, although possibly in a …
The term Producer refers to any type of producer set-up as found in the Fairtrade Standards: Hired Labour, Small-Scale Producer Organisations, …
The independent Fairtrade Certification body, offering Fairtrade Certification services to customers in more than 120 countries. FLOCERT GmbH, a …

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