Our Vision and Values

We have a vision of fair global trade everyone can believe in. As a world-leading provider of assurance  for global supply chains, we'll ensure the livelihoods of producers in developing countries around the world. You would like to know more? Just

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Fair global trade everyone can believe in

Along with driving the Fairtrade mission to connect disadvantaged producers with consumers to combat poverty, our goal is to deliver the very best certification and verification services with integrity and efficiency.

We want our credible, reliable services to sit at the heart of global supply chains, guaranteeing that the social, economic and environmental standards running through them are met without fail.

Our mission is to

  • deliver best-in-class certification, verification and related services
  • provide confidence within global supply chains that the relevant social, economic and environmental standards are met
  • offer all our services with credibility, reliability, integrity and efficiency
  • drive the Fairtrade mission to connect disadvantaged producers with consumers in order to combat poverty.

Our values and leadership culture:

Our values represent the way we do business, as well as how we treat our colleagues and customers. At FLOCERT, every employee is a leader in their own right. These four values reflect the way we act towards colleagues and customers:

Leadership is part of everyone's daily work-life at FLOCERT. We believe we're all leaders in our own right, regardless of job titles or hierarchy – we all own what we do, trust our initiative and show mutual respect for each other.
FLOCERT's culture is built on understanding, cooperation and a shared sense of ownership within the company. The leadership mindset and behaviors we all share enable us to operate as we do.

Who we work with:

We carry out Fairtrade certification for producers and traders all around the world.
True to our Fairtrade heritage, we're proud to offer our customized assurance solutions to organizations that are focused on improving the living conditions of farmers and workers in global supply chains, and are openly committed to operating in a sustainable way.
We assess every new enquiry we receive against our mission and vision to ensure that we never waiver on our commitments to fair global trade.

We are carbon neutral:

FLOCERT has been offsetting its carbon emissions since 2013. The producers we work with are often hit the worst by the climate crisis and it is our vision to create a world in which all producers can enjoy secure, sustainable livelihoods. As a social business, we invest in maximising positive social and environmental impact. So offsetting our carbon emissions with carbon credits from a Fairtrade Carbon Credit project fits perfectly to our philosophy.

For 2017, FLOCERT had overall compensated 890 metric tonnes (MT) and for 2018, 987 MT of carbon dioxide. These calculations took into account the FLOCERT head office in Bonn, as well as the Regional Offices in Bangalore (India), Cape Town (South Africa) and San José (Costa Rica). To compensate for these emissions and become carbon neutral, we used carbon credits generated by the Fairtrade Carbon Credit project “Bagepalli Coolie Sangha: Biogas project”. Located in the Karnataka region in India, it equips peasant families with biogas units as alternative to their wood and petroleum fueled stoves. Almost 10,000 households will thus be able to convert organic waste previously left in the streets into a source of cooking fuel, thus replacing kerosene and wood as sources for cooking and water heating.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, if you would like to know even more about what makes FLOCERT unique.