Coronavirus-related changes in operations

The extent to which COVID-19 continues to affect communities in many countries and territories worldwide has decreased. Therefore, we expect that we will be able to conduct the majority of audits due in 2023 as regular onsite audits. In exceptional cases or when required to avoid health risks to the communities or our auditors, we may conduct remote audits. As usual, you will be informed whether and what type of audit is planned for your company/organisation.

Some background:

For the health and safety of our auditors, customers and their communities, FLOCERT introduced the remote audit methodology in lieu of onsite audits in March 2020. These changes were introduced in consultation with our Scheme Owner – Fairtrade International, while keeping our Accreditation body DAkkS, informed. Both customers and auditors have welcomed this approach and have experienced remote audits to be assuring smooth Fairtrade trading operations. As always, we are at your disposal for any further questions.